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The High School Theater Awards were created in 1998 to shine a spotlight on the exceptional musical theater productions, talented actors and actresses and devoted creative teams who take to the stage every spring in our local high schools. High Schools in Rockland and Westchester Counties in New York and Bergen County in New Jersey are invited to participate in this competition.

Throughout the spring musical season, we send judges to evaluate participating shows. In June, all of the participating schools are celebrated in an awards ceremony modeled after Broadway's Tony Awards. Broadway stars hand out the awards, top nominated schools and actors perform live and the theater students in our region receive the support and recognition that they so deserve.

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2015 Metropolitan High School Theater Awards

Outstanding Overall Production
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Billy Elliot
Brewster HS - Shrek the Musical
Briarcliff HS - Urinetown
Fair Lawn HS - A Man of No Importance
Pascack Valley HS - Anything Goes
Pleasantville HS - Man of La Mancha
Putnam Valley HS - Chess

Actress in a Leading Role
Academy of the Holy Angels - Heather Mueger (Janet Van de Graff)
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Gianna Prignano (Mrs. Wilkinson)
Blind Brook HS - Alexis Gordon (Maria)
Brewster HS - Sydney Gershon (Fiona)
Harrison HS - Roma Scarano (Lola)
Lakeland HS - Emily Casey (Dorothy)
Pleasantville HS - Liana Frasca (Aldonza)
Putnam Valley HS - Eve O’Brien (Florence Vassy)

Actor in a Leading Role
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Marc DeSanctis (Billy)
Blind Brook HS - Cole Bauer (Tony)
Brewster HS - Andrew Gordon (Shrek)
Fair Lawn HS - Trevor Braun (Alfie Byrne)
Ossining HS - Marcus Roman (Michael Dork)
Pascack Valley HS - Lukas Kruegle (Billy Crocker)
Pleasantville HS - James McCarthy (Don Quixote)
Port Chester HS - Charlie Simmons (Roger)

Actress in a Supporting Role
Briarcliff HS - Melissa Goldberg (Little Sally)
Don Bosco Prep - Emma Piazza (Rusty)
Edgemont HS - Mallory Kostroff (Little Sally)
Fair Lawn HS - Sarah Gruber (Adele Rice)
Pascack Valley HS - Tyler Halligan (Bonnie)
Rye Neck HS - Rachel Wurzburger (Mrs. Paroo)
Sleepy Hollow HS - Mary DelVecchio (Bonnie Letour)
St. Joseph Reg. HS - Claudia Meisner (Ellen)

Actor in a Supporting Role
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Jesse Hernandez (Dad)
Brewster HS - Brandon Salamone (Lord Farquaad)
Edgemont HS - Reed Rosenberg (Officer Lockstock)
Fair Lawn HS - Jon Zaken (Robbie Fay)
Pascack Valley HS - Calvin Rezen (Moonface Martin)
Ramapo HS, NJ - West Side Story - Matthew Carp (Riff)
Rye HS - Judson Ellis (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh)
Westlake - Dillon Selvaggi (Miles Gloriosus)

Featured Ensemble Member
Briarcliff HS - Olivia Segal (Little Becky Two Shoes)
Carmel HS - Kasey Sadowski and Brynn Alvord (Milky White)
Clarkstown South HS - Rebecca Zeller (Jenny Casino)
North Rockland HS - Andres Vasquez (Zoser’s Minister, Male Nubian Slave)
Pleasantville HS - Elena Phethean (Antonia)
Ramapo HS, NJ - West Side Story - Danny Damico (Baby John)
Rye Country Day School - Austin Weber (Cowboy Bob & Lyle)
Tappan Zee HS - Changseob Lim (Chief Sitting Bull)

Featured Ensemble Group
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Elysse Rivera, Kelly Ainsworth, Grace Smyth, Francesca Ricigliano, Lauren Richman, Jennifer Nunez, Melissa Goldberg, Kate Bell, Jillian Flynn, Gabrielle Sansone, Emily Kitchin (Mrs. Wilkinson’s Ballet Class)

Brewster HS -  Anthony Buonarobo, Erin Kirkpatrick, Sarah Daleo, Spencer Flash, Anna Bisogno Papa, Matt Brunale, Brooke Ryan, Maudie Carey, Kristyn Vario, Kiersten Hecht, Rory Wakeford, Ryan Hecht, Helen Najjar, Sarah Mitchell, Laura Lopez, Erin Vaughan, Owen Benfield, Duncan Spatz, Amalia Piniero, Megan Lyon, Megan Campell (Fairtyale Creatures)

Don Bosco Prep - Alexa Gonzalez, Mary Kate Kelly, Megan Roche
(Wendy Jo, Rusty and Urleen)

Hackensack HS - Alexa Lacorte and Samantha Pernetti (The Bad Idea Bears)

Hastings HS - Kate Gouran, Isabel Kennedy, Nell Tercek (Sheila, Bebe, Maggie)

New Milford HS - Stefo Hunter and Pocholo Itona (Carlos & Nikos)

Sleepy Hollow HS - Griffin Gebler, James Carney, Levy Kupfer & Owen Steele (Sailors)

Tappan Zee HS - Thomas Nolan, Jarrett Morley, Garrett Shin  (Cowboy Trio)

Acting Performance - Male
Academy of the Holy Angels - Ryan Daniel Doran (Man in Chair)
Hackensack HS - Nick Edis (Nicky)
Ossining HS - Miguel Angel Garcia (Frances Weir)
Port Chester HS - Liam Herbert (Mark)
Ramapo HS, NY - Rent - Norman Basanes (Angel)
River Dell HS - Sam Lobley (Tevye)
Sleepy Hollow HS - Peter Moriarty (Evelyn Oakleigh)
St. Joseph Reg HS - Julio A. Sanchez (The Engineer)
Valhalla HS - Trey Plutnicki (Motel)

Acting Performance - Female
Briarcliff HS - Helaina Ross (Penelope Pennywise)
Don Bosco Prep - Victoria Duffy (Vi Moore)
Harrison HS - Andi Rella (Gloria)
Hendrick Hudson - Melody Munity (Jojo)
Lakeland HS - Katie Balen (Glinda)
Pascack Valley HS - Alexandra Brennan (Hope Harcourt)
Port Chester HS - Briana Velazquez (Mimi)
Ramsey HS - Nicole Borbonne (Ellie Greenwich)
Valhalla HS - Roslyn Catubig (Rusty)

Comic Performance
Academy of the Holy Angels - Nick Beringer (Adolpho)
Briarcliff HS - Brian Danuff (Officer Lockstock)
Clarkstown South HS  - Samantha Quinn (Eugene)
Hackensack HS - - Kamrin Dorsey & Shianda Palmer (Trekkie Monster)
Hastings HS - Kate Gouran (Sheila)
Northern Highlands HS - Alex Noncarrow (Moonface Martin)
Pleasantville HS - Michael Bloom (Sancho Panza)
Rockland Country Day School -  Will Youmans (Neal Tilden)
Rye Country Day School - Tiler Wilson (Willard Hewitt)
Sleepy Hollow HS - Francis Pace-Nunez (Moonface Martin)

Dance Performance
Academy of the Holy Angels - Trey Plutnicki (Robert Martin)
Alexander Hamilton HS - Maria Camilla Puerta (Yellow Brick Road)
Archbishop Stepinac HS - John Guaragna (Older Billy)
New Milford HS - Justin Flores (Warner)
Ramapo HS, NJ - West Side Story - Melina Frodella (Velma)
Rye Neck HS - Bram Wollowitz (Tommy Djilas)
Spring Valley HS - Manny Piedra (Riff)
Tappan Zee HS - Camryn Marucci (Snake Dancer)

Vocal Performance - Male
Bergen County Academies - Joseph Nasta (Fred Graham /Petruchio)
North Rockland HS - Jason Herring (Radames)
Northern Highlands - Andrew Impomeni (Billy Crocker)
Rye HS - Ross DeMarco (Billy Crocker)
Rye Neck HS - Mikael Bucknavage (Professor Harold Hill)
Spring Valley HS - Michael Sanders (“Somewhere” Soloist)

Vocal Performance - Female
Alexander Hamilton HS - Heather Rubin Cabrera (Glinda)
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Amelia Sasson (Mum)
Clarkstown South HS - Melissa Zeller (Rizzo)
Edgemont HS - Jackie Brown (Hope Cladwell)
Emerson HS - Melody Atkinson (Rose)
Hastings HS - Lucy Wijnands (Diana)
Pascack Valley HS - Margaret Capone (Reno Sweeney)
Ramapo HS, NY - Rent - Cherise Challenger
(“Seasons of Love” soloist)
Ramsey HS - Logan Barone (Darlene Love)
Saddle River Day School - Maggie Pecorino (Clio/Kira/Kitty)
Tappan Zee HS - Quiana Iacobellis (Annie Oakley)
Valhalla HS - Natalie Bochi (Vi Moore)

Outstanding Duet
Brewster HS - Andrew Gordon (Shrek) & Sydney Gershon (Fiona)
“I Think I Got You Beat”

Harrison HS - Cassidy Donohue (Meg Boyd) & Conor McGillicuddy (Joe Hardy)
“A Man Doesn’t Know”

Northern Highlands HS - Vanessa Tarabochia (Reno Sweeney) & Phillip Perricelli (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh)  “Let’s Misbehave”

Ossining HS - Claudia Tesoro (Holly Manson) & Marcus Roman (Michael Dork) “We’re Not Alone”

Port Chester HS - Emmalie Tello (Maureen) & Gisella McCallion (Joanne)
“Take Me or Leave Me”

Putnam Valley HS - Eve O’Brien (Florence Vassy) & Lauren Rein (Svetlana Sergievskaya) “I Know Him So Well”

Rye Neck HS - Lauren Richman (Marian Paroo) & Rachel Wurzburger (Mrs. Paroo)
“Piano Lesson”

Saddle River Day School - Janan Fugel (Melpomene) & Gabrielle Piacentile (Calliope)  “Evil Woman”

Archbishop Stepinac HS - Billy Elliot
Academy of Holy Angels - The Drowsy Chaperone
Brewster HS - Shrek
Briarcliff HS - Urinetown
Pascack Valley HS - Anything Goes
Pleasantville HS - The Man of La Mancha
Putnam Valley HS - Chess
Ramsey HS - Leader of the Pack
Tappan Zee HS - Annie Get Your Gun

Production Number
Blind Brook HS - “The Dance at the Gym”
Kennedy Catholic HS - “The Lonely Goatherd”
North Rockland HS - “Dance of the Robe”
Northern Highlands HS - “Blow, Gabrielle, Blow”
Ramapo HS, NJ - West Side Story - “Gee, Officer Krupke”
Rye HS - “Anything Goes”
Rye Neck HS - “Shipoopi”
Spring Valley HS - “Dance at the Gym”
St. Joseph Regional HS - “Bui Doi”
Tappan Zee HS - “I Got the Sun in the Morning”

Child Actor
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Avery Avellino (Small Boy)
Lakeland HS - Phillip Santini  - (Munchkin Mayor)
Rockland Country Day School -  Neven Noor (Junior)
Tappan Zee HS - Jacob Oliensis (Little Jake)

Outstanding Instrumentalist
Brewster HS - Seamus Carey (Drums)
Fair Lawn HS - Elizabeth Collins (Flute)
Lakeland HS - Jonathan Webb (Mallets/Percussion)
Ossining HS - Michael Carvajal (Guitarist)
Peekskill HS - Ryan Germinaro (Drums)
Pascack Valley HS - Chandni Shah (Violin)
Rockland Country Day School - Elin Fleming (Clarinet)

Student Orchestra
Bergen County Academies
Brewster HS
Edgemont HS
Fair Lawn HS
Rye HS
Sleepy Hollow HS

Stage Crew
Blind Brook HS
Brewster HS
Briarcliff HS
Don Bosco Prep
Fair Lawn HS
Lakeland HS
New Milford HS
Putnam Valley HS

Lobby Display
Academy of the Holy Angels - Emily Loftus, Micaela Mudrick & Risako Acari
Briarcliff H.S. - Georgina Gualdino, Heidi Roth
Port Chester H.S. - Ruth Goldberg, Amy Simmons, Josh Tenzer, Patrick O'Connor
St. Joseph Regional H.S. - Carmen Thame

Graphic Design
Blind Brook HS - Alexis Gordon
Carmel HS - Erika Lanzotti, Kathy Micale, Karen Bulzacchelli
Edgemont HS- Yujin Tsuruo
Emerson HS - Christian Chaneski, Justin Schwab
Fair Lawn HS - Jodi Zienlinski
Ossining HS  - Benjamin Feinstein
Ramapo HS, NY - Rent - Tjok Delem Arsa Artha
Ramsey HS - Nicholas Venturini
Saddle River Day School - Maddy Schoenfeld
St. Joseph Regional HS - Hillary Barnett, Peter Murphy

Archbishop Stepinac HS - Frank Portanova
Academy of the Holy Angels - Katie McSherry
Brewster HS - Stephanie Rubino
Briarcliff HS - Paul Kite
Edgemont HS - Danny Bernstein
Hackensack HS - Caseen Gaines
Pascack Valley HS - Tom and Merielle Lupfer
Pleasantville HS - Kathleen Donovan-Warren

Musical Direction
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Chloe Sasson
Brewster HS - Patricia Taylor
Fair Lawn HS - John Giresi
Pascack Valley HS - Michael Mahadeen
Pleasantville HS - Thomas Heintzelman
Port Chester HS - Michael Mastroianni
Putnam Valley HS - Gerard Micera

Academy of the Holy Angels  - Ariane Ryan
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Charlotte Newman, Francesca D'Angelo
Brewster HS- Nicole Aravena
Pleasantville HS - Bernard Monroe
Putnam Valley HS - Jennifer Jonas
Ramapo HS, NJ - West Side Story - Jamie Sporn
Saddle River Day School  - Eric Sciotto
Spring Valley HS - Stacey Tirro

Costume Design
Academy of the Holy Angels -  Ruth Morley
Bergen County Academies -  Janet Hughes, Victoria Pero, Terry Thiry
Briarcliff HS - Kathy Hammond
Fair Lawn HS - Michelle Eden Humphrey
Kennedy Catholic HS - Annette DiGrandi, Sister Barbara Heil, Julia Feeney
Northern Highlands HS -Helena Gonzalez, Giulianna Nasta, Gabiella Dedvukaj, Rachel Chryey
Pleasantville HS -Jane Paraszczak, Jeannine Tocco
Rockland Country Day School - Marsha Predovic

Lighting Design
Archbishop Stepinac HS - Andrew Gmoser
Bergen County Academies - Charlie Winter
Brewster HS - Joe Beahm
Don Bosco Prep - Charlie Winter
Fair Lawn HS - Andrew Scharwath
Putnam Valley HS - Peter Wylie
Pleasantville HS - Devon Allen, John Anttila
St. Joseph Regional HS - Curtis Reik

Scenic Design
Archbishop Stepinac HS - June Ricciardi
Brewster HS - Jan Anthony
Don Bosco Prep - Ryan J. Bell
Fair Lawn HS - John Giresi
Hackensack HS - Patt Tanner, Jeff Kraft, John Maurer
Lakeland HS - Jim Del Vecchio
Pascack Valley HS - Tim DiGregorio
Rockland Country Day School - Dennis Predovic

Student Critic
Carmel HS - Yasmin Yusuff
Pleasantville HS - Katie Bartz
Spring Valley HS - Melissa Denizard


Technical Merit (nominated by teachers)
Archbishop Stepinac HS - John Guaragna  (Dance Captain/Assistant Choreographer)
Bergen County Academies - Jabin Choi (Student Musical Director)
Bergen County Academies - Rachel Fisher & Jillian Rezen (Assistant Directors)
Blind Brook HS - Nick Drutman  (Assistant Technical Director)
Blind Brook HS - Sarah Haber (Assistant Director)
Edgemont H.S. - Yujin Tsuruo ( Graphic Designer, Original artwork designer, Set Designer and Set Painter)
Emerson H.S. - Jared Cohen & Kassidy Germann (Lighting Design)
Emerson H.S.- Kassidy Germann  (Sound Design)
Harrison H.S. - Gabriela Casella (Production Assistant)
Northern Highlands HS - Samantha Ma (Student Director)
Northern Highlands HS - Giulianna Nasta, Helena Gonzalez, Gabriella Dedyukaj, Rachel Chryey (Costume Coordinators)
Pascack Valley High School -  Melissa Gargiulo ( Student Costumer & Prop Coordinator)
Pascack Valley High School - Ariana Aguero  (Production Stage Manager)
Putnam Valley HS - Robyn Torregrosa (Production Stage Manager)
Ramapo H.S. - Sophia Voglino (Stage Manager & Assistant Director)
Rockland Country Day School  - Griffon Sgroi-Jacobs, Justin Winick and Brennan Zaff  (Lighting Designers)
Rye Neck HS - David Jackson ( Stage Manager)
Spring Valley HS - Andy Jean-Baptiste (Tech Crew Leader & Backstage Manager)
Valhalla HS - Kyra Hickey  (Student Choreographer)
Valhalla HS - Jessica Oshanani  (Student Director)
Valhalla HS - Anthony Starvaggi (Stage Manager)



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Various productions from the 2007 High School Theater Awards.

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